We’re Hiring!

PHA Logo Position Description – Contract Grant Writer

The Contract Grant Writer will work with Project HOPE Art’s leadership team, Board of Directors, and volunteer program staff to increase revenue by expanding institutional fundraising efforts.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, we are able to bring someone onto our fabulous team that can re-boot our funding sources and help us expand our educational platform using art + science. Are you our new super star? Are you unflappable? Tenacious? Dedicated to Developing World Education?  Are you comfortable with LOI’s? Collecting programming information and selling it to large scale donors? Awesome! Read on . . .

Our Contract Grant Writer will work in short spurts to seal the deal on grant applications large and small to provide project lift-off to a variety of art based educational initiatives.

Reporting to our Creative Director on the West Coast, this position will be a key member of our Development Team. Must be responsible for supporting the mission of Project HOPE Art by securing grants from corporations, foundations, individuals, and government agencies that support art and science education and service learning programs across Haiti and global education initiatives in developing countries around the world.

mimi rainbow Key Responsibilities
-Maintain and oversee execution of grants
-Initiate ongoing communication with key PHA staff to analyze funding needs, gaps and opportunities
-Research, identify and qualify funding opportunities from corporate, foundation, and government sources.
-Develop an understanding of program content to ensure integrity and quality of proposal writing

Idraw_Udraw-47 Required Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree required, Masters preferred Minimum of 4 years of professional experience in grant writing and fundraising with successful track record for securing significant multi-year commitments from institutional donors A commitment to the mission of Project HOPE Art a must.

To be considered for the Contract Grant Writer position please submit cover letter, resume, and a list of grants you have successfully secured on behalf of international NGO’s to Melissa@projecthopeart.org – Project HOPE Art is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For additional information, please visit our website at www.projecthopeart.org


Help keep Project HOPE Art OPEN (for another year!)

third round_print_o-3We are skipping our annual Donor Dinner this year in lieu of a Holiday Auction. We are also asking for cold hard cash to keep us open, operating and able to help our friends in Haiti for another year.

Project HOPE Art is now a 501C3! To help support HOPE Art and keep art alive for kids in Haiti, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Your donation is greatly appreciated!Please give what you can, every teensy little bit helps: https://www.paypal.me/hopeart


To Donate via Check: Please make checks out to Hope Art, Inc and mail to: Project HOPE Art, 2322 Humboldt Ave, Oakland, CA 94601. Please include a note that contains current contact information so that we can make sure you get a receipt for your donation. We are always open to accept donations, large and small. Thank you for your support!


$50 gives art supplies to a hospital $100 provides a classroom of students sketch books to keep a creative journal $250 employs local interpreters for our artists $500 offers the opportunity for orphans to learn a creative trade $750 buys an artist transportation from the US to Haiti $1000 supports “the frame”; what holds PHA together and keeps us creative

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The Traveling Rainbow Cabinet of Fun

pha-art-center_final-concept_b-1-e1355946878102 The only thing that beats a good plan, is a better plan. We find that collaboration brings us closer and closer to the best plans in the world.

Enormous thanks to Sam Bloch and Elizabeth Marley for collaborating on the early vision of our art center / storage container. Immense, gratitude to the NGO family over at Communitere for supporting our ideas, visions and plans. Especially Delphine Bedu and Caroline Etienne for handling so many nitty gritty details on our behalf.

In 2013, our rainbow cabinet was built by master craftsman, Jason DeCook and then painted in the colors of the rainbow by our friend, Aimee Gaines. Our Lady of Art was created by our friend Julie Koopman and she stands watch over all the visiting artists and their projects.


From our little spot in the workshop at Communitere we launched a number of projects, including Let There Be Light 1 and Let There Be Light 2. Thank you to artists Jenni Ward, Luc Winter, Racine Polycarpe, Claudel Cassius, Jason DeCook, Aimee Gaines, Shrine, Moon and Jade for all the hard work to make art in Cite Soleil.

857808_10152525576805567_1944484788_oFor the last two years our rainbow cabinet has lived at Haiti Communitere stuffed to the brim with paint, paper, pastels, brushes and a ton of glitter.
For the last two and a half years we have held puppet shows, dance parties, recycled trash makeovers and more than one bicycle blender fruit smoothie extravaganza.

Haiti Communitere was a perfect home for us and all of our sparkling trinkets of inspiration and creativity. Free spirited artists must keep moving, so onward we go.

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On February 15th our little Cabinet of Fun bid adieu to HC. We hope it left a trail of glitter so everyone could find their way to us in our new home in Pacot. Our cabinet is now parked in the Pacot neighborhood next to the Hotel Olofson. The keepers of the cabinet are 20 young ladies who are excited to put its contents to good use.

And with our move, comes new projects and collaborations …

  • We will be working with Emy Morse at her art school in Montan Noir.
  • We are also launching an art project with Human Rights activist and FOSAJ artist, Charlotte Charles and The Haiti Initiative’s Kara Lightburn in Jacmel.
  • And this summer we will be launching a summer gardening class with Rebuild Globally and SOIL.
  • “These are the days of miracle and wonder. This is the long distance call.” -Paul Simon


    2013 – Winter LUC


    Mwen se Winter Luc.  Mwen se yon  ajan sosyal. Mwen gen eksperyans nan domèn sa yo: sanzibilizasyon ak mobilizasyon kominotè, mwen travay nan plizyè gwoup ak enstitisyon kominotè.  Mwen se Benefisyè Pwogram PROJECT HOPE ART depi nan lane 2010 ak timoun nan lekòl kominotè ke mwen te kreye nan zòn Cité Soleil (Bwa Nèf) depi nan  ane 2007.  Epi Mwen se Kòdonatè tou RAJEPRE, yon òganizayon kominotè Ayisyèn.


    Depi entegrasyon nou jiska ane  2013 la, nou te fè anpil anpil aktivite ak Pwojè tankou:

    –          Anpil aktivite Art (Desen, Koloryaj ak kreyativite ak timoun lekol RAJEPRE yo)

    –          Anpil aktivite lekti ak bèl istwa mèveye ak inovativ

    –          Aktivite sansibilizasyon ak plantasyon Benzolive (Moringa)

    –          Selebrasyon twazyèm anivèsè tranbleman tè douz Janvye a:  (eskilti)

    –          Patisipasyon timoun RAJEPRE nan kals fotografi

    –          Patispasyon timoun RAJEPRE nan klas Anglè

    –          Akizisyon materyèl pou itilizasyon teknoloji ak medya sosyal (Laptop, Iphone)

    Aktivite nou prevwa fè pou ane 2014 la

    –          Pwojè klas Jaden pou 8 mwa nan Haiti Communitere

    –          Elvaj ak gatinaj lapen

    –          Elvaj Pwason

    –          Aktivite atistik ak kanaval: Let there be  Light

    –          Eksperimantasyon ak miz anplas yon jaden lavil ak ti pepinyè nan HC

    –          Gradyasyon pou klas anglè ak fotografi

    –          Ak anpil lòt aktivite ak inivativ (Klas Mizik)


    New Headquarters!

    “Oh, but anyway, Toto, we’re home. Home! There’s no place like home!”

    Unlike some of the bigger Non-Profits working in Haiti, we’ve never used donor money to purchase an all-terrain Land Rover.
    (We use public taptaps or splurge on thrilling mototaxis)
    KraftworksBldg-2 We have never treated volunteers to expensive three martini lunches.
    (All of our volunteers pay for their own meals on the ground in Haiti) And we try to use free trash as the basis for most of our projects.
    (Though we admit we love twirling in brand new tutu’s on occasion)

    Really what we’re trying to say is that we are extremely budget conscious. Transparency is the name of the game. If you donate $20 we’ll tell you how we spent it. So it’s kind of a big deal to announce that we have rented a teeny little office space to store files, donations and supplies.
    (Yay! No more dark garages filled with spiders and scampering rats.)

    For the first time Project HOPE Art has an administrative homebase in the US.
    You can find us in the ground floor, corner office space of the old Kraft Cheese Factory Warehouse, commonly called the Kraftwork Building where Oakland meets Emeryville.

    Our new mailing address is 2601 Adeline Street, Suite 101A-Project HOPE Art, Oakland, CA 94607


    We need a few things to fill out our office space:
    -Letter-Sized Hanging File Folders and Folders
    -2 Floor Lamps
    -Comfy couch/chaise lounge/arm chairs for visitors!
    -Rolls and Reams of Paper for printing artwork, photographs and event invitations
    -Beads, glitter, feathers, string, twine, scissors, erasers, pencils, watercolors, oil pastels, construction paper and any other misc. art and craft materials!

    Contact Melissa@projectHOPEArt.org to make arrangements

    Thank you in advance for your generosity to keep this project alive and kicking!