1st Music Class, November 15th, 2014

Today we launch with the music class of Project Hope Art at HC. All students did not attend the class today, but the little we have had and some personal informations. And the music teacher gives a preview of we are going to learn during the course and start teaching some of the basic knowledge that is mandatory to learn music. To end to class, some English words related to music were given.

Key words
– Chord: three or more musical tones sounded simultaneously.

– Note: a musical sound

– Scale: a series of musical tones going up or down in pitch according to a specified scheme.

– Ako: twa oubyen plis son ki sonnen ansanm

– Not: Yon son mizikal

– Gam: yon seri de son ki monte oubyen desann nan menm wote ki akode ansanm


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