Rhythm & Recycling Workshop

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Project HOPE Art is excited to announce the RHYTHM & RECYCLING workshop this fall to kick off the Music + Art Lab at the Project HOPE Art Center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti!

This November 2014, Bay Area artists Rachel Znerold and Melissa Schilling will travel to Haiti to collaborate with art teacher and musician Gueldy Rene on a week-long children’s music and art program —a multi-dimensional music, costuming and performance workshop, all inspired by and using recycled materials. Gueldy Rene will work with the students to learn the foundations of rhythm, beat, flow and connection, creating a musical composition with their motley array of recycled instruments (PVC Pipe Drums and 2Liter Bottle Horns), alongside donated ukeleles, guitars, kazoos, accordians, and traditional RaRa and Konpa instruments. Rachel Znerold, supported by other members of Project HOPE Art, plans to lead the students through a musical costume workshop, creating sound-making outfits and props out of recycled materials—imagine bottle-cap-string skirts jingling and plastic bag dresses swooshing, while all feet are tap-tapping to the beat of the musical accompaniment.


Using the students’ own choreography and music, they will collaboratively create a performance piece to be debuted alongside the original musical composition at the fall Graduation and Celebratory Dinner for the Gardening Class at the Art Center in Port-au-Prince.

Music is the quintessential vehicle for modern philosophy, a poetic gateway into our deepest existential truths and most sincere beliefs. Add in the visual treat of superb art direction, and you’ve got a powerhouse of cerebral-creative indulgence.

Music changes people’s lives. For some it is an expressive outlet. For others it is a way to stay focused on the everyday. It develops the brain and complements other intellectual and creative pursuits. It is a way for community to gather and share at concerts and shows, family events, and community gatherings. This creates a positive artistic synergy, which not only enhances students’ musical skills, but makes for a nurturing and enlightening experience for all.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped to fund this amazing program, and be a part of inspiring our students to learn the beauty of music as a language—to communicate and connect with themselves and their communities through the enjoyment of this dynamic art form.

DONATE NOW to keep the Music Class Alive for another SIX Months!!

.To help support HOPE Art and keep art alive for kids in Haiti, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Your donation is greatly appreciated!! To Donate via Check: Please make checks out to Fractured Atlas with Project HOPE Art in the subject line and mail to: Project HOPE Art, 2601 Adeline Street, Suite 101A-Project HOPE Art, Oakland, CA 94607 HOPE Art is now fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, who make it easier than ever to DONATE!! We are always open to accept donations, large and small.  Thank you for your support!

How your donation helps:

$50 gives art supplies to a hospital $100 provides a classroom of students sketch books to keep a creative journal $250 employs local interpreters for our artists $500 offers the opportunity for orphans to learn a creative trade  $1000 supports “the frame”; what holds PHA together and keeps us creative

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  1. Jeni Swerdlow says:

    Hi ~ What a GREAT program this is! Last month I made a large donation of drums and percussion instruments (as well as drumming CDs and materials to make instruments). The ladies went on to use the items on their recent trip to Haiti. Would it be possible to get some sort of donation receipt from you for tax purposes?

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