2014 Music Class: Meet the Crew!

Meet our Students, Teachers, and Class Supervisor  for the 2014 Music Class on the grounds at Haiti Communitere at our Project HOPE Art Center. They will learn to make their own instruments and costumes from recycled materials as part of the Rhythm & Recycling Workshop, take part in the creation of a live musical composition, and perform at the Gardening Class Graduation! The Music Class will then continue on into 2015 under the supervision of our on-site Haitian musicians.

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Class Teacher, Gueldy Rene

Class Programming: Rachel Znerold, Costume and Dance

Class Digital Programming: Christine Rosakranse

English Translator: Esnold Jure

Creative Director: Melissa Schilling, Art

Class Lead: Phara Dalmacy

And our Students:

Music Class Schedule:

November 15th: First Day of Music Class at HC, at 9am with Aimee!
November 22nd: 2nd Music Class with Rachel, Ernie and Mimi onsite!
November 29th: Music Students at HC to practice for Graduation
November 29th: Gardening Students at HC to Decorate and Set Up Graduation!
November 30th: Music Class will perform at the Graduation
November 30th: Gardening Class Graduation || Music Class Performance

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