June 14th 2014, 14 week of the gardining class

Today one more we continue with the series of preparing mangoes seeds. The students have already known the pattern, so they keep doing on their own, yet the mentor stand around in case of needed help or explanation of something such as the soil preparation, ect…
Accurately, the fill the bottles that they have recycled, arrange them on a bed and water them. Afterwards, they learnt. How to keep them safe from danger and mostly the way which is a natural way.

Key Words
– Insecticide: a preparation made for destroying insects.
– Safety: The quality of being free from danger, desaster.
– Natural: determined by nature.

Mo kle
– Ensektisid: Medikaman pou touye tibet nuizib (ensek)
– Seirite: kalite yon bagay (zon, ect…) le li pa andanje.
– Natirel: tout bagay ou ka jwenn nan la nati. (ki pa fet ak men moun)
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imageimage (2)Class anba mango

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