June 21st 2014, week 15 of the Gardening Class

On the 15th week of the gardening class, the students were taught about insecticide. What is an insecticide? How many type of insecticide there insecticide? All those questions were the principal themes that had been discussed in the class. To sum up, the teacher gives to the students a following pattern and procedure so in the future, the students could be able to prepare a natural insecticide. It was meaning ful and very expected, this class.

Key words
– Insect : any of a class of small winged arthropod animals with usually three pairs of legs as adults.

– Neem: a plant scientifically known as Azadrachta-Indica which used to fight against erosion and natural insecticide can be prepared with leaves and grained.

– procedure: a particular way of doing something. A series of steps followed in a regular order.

Mo kle
– Ensek: kelkeswa tibet Volay ki souvan gen sis Janm.

– neem: se yon plant ki rele Azadrachta-India, non syantifik ke yo plante pou pwoteje te kont ewozyon e yo itilize li tou pou fe ensektisid natirel (fey ak grenn nan).

– pwosedi: se yon Cason nomal pou fe yon bagay nan Bon lod.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

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