Project HOPE Art’s very first Graduation!






Congratulations to our English and Photography Class Students.
Many Thank You’s to Romel Jean Pierre and Mackenson Ismael (Photo Teachers) and Bengie Seme and Fanel Duce (English Teachers) for making sure each student had every opportunity to succeed.

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We had two classes of students who received their certificates in English and Photography.
Romel Jean Pierre and Mackenson Ismael taught our first Photography Class in 2013. Come and see the photographs of our students from six neighborhoods.
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Bengie Seme (of English in Mind Institute) and Fanel Duce (of Atis Rezistans) worked together to teach our Girls English Class. Come and hear all the girls recite their favorite Haitian poems translated into English.
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You can purchase student artwork as a pay-it-forward for our next round of art classes. Come and support our hardworking students, teachers and classroom supervisors who work around the year to bring creativity, education and opportunity to young students from a variety of neighborhoods and socio-economic backgrounds.








About Project HOPE Art
Our Mission:
To inspire, heal and improve the quality of life for children in need through the creative process of art.

Our Values:
Art is the universal language which transcends differences in cultural and customary barriers.
Art is a tool for education that encourages creative thinking, problem solving and growth.
Art gives a voice to the voiceless.
Art is good for the soul.

Our Actions:
Project HOPE Art uses art as a vehicle to inspire, to educate and to create intentional whimsy. We work with children in hospitals, orphanages, schools and communities in disaster stricken areas, utilizing art to help establish self esteem, self expression, self respect and stress relief for our students. We create art for art’s sake, while educating through our art, science, nutrition and literacy programs. We twirl in tutus and face paint because it’s good for the soul. Since our inception in January 2010 we have made multiple trips to Haiti and have recently launched a Visiting Artist Program, creating a sustainable way for artists in any medium to share their creativity with our kids and project partners as we strive towards our mission to inspire, heal and improve the quality of life for children in need.

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