Host a Haitian Artist – Summer 2013

“Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art…” – Maya Angelou


Our three friends: Racine, Claudel and Romel are coming for a visit to San Francisco this August and September. They have worked with Project HOPE Art for the last two years. Read all about their interests, art and life in Haiti, here.
It is our hope to slowly pass along our Art Center in Haiti over to these three artists, so they may continue our mission of art + science training for children in disadvantaged communities.

Through this visit to United States, our visiting artists will learn the systems and infrastructure necessary to run an art center full time. They will be exposed to all manner of creativity and multi-media artists in the Bay Area through connections with our partner: Burners Without Borders.


Project HOPE Art is sponsoring three Haitian artists for a 5-week art internship at Recology. This internship will put our artists directly in contact with an American trash and recycling transfer station to forage and create a sculpture based on transformation. This is the style of art they make using discarded items from the streets of Port au Prince.


What is hosting?
Hosting means sharing your culture and hospitality with an artist. There are a wide variety of hosting opportunities from inviting an international visitor to your home for a family meal, to providing a place to stay during our month-long art internship program. You may also opt to invite our artists on an outing to Yosemite, roller skating, surfing, to visit an art museum or film screening.


How do I sign up to host?
We have the following needs:
-1 week Home Stay
-2 week Home Stay
-4 week Home Stay
-Activity Invitations

Simply fill in this form and our Visiting Artist Coordinator, Jenni Ward will be in touch to confirm details and answer questions. beauty to find beauty.

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