Back from our July 2012 Trip

Project HOPE Art completed it’s 7th trip to Haiti last week, and it was filled with new milestones and new memories – plenty to last a lifetime! Below is a brief overview of what transpired from July 6th – July 22nd, 2012.

Team members Melissa Schilling, Sylwia Jarosz, Kathy Barbro, Sarah Bolls and Liz Anker worked with kids at a total of 5 locations: the OJFA Orphanage, Pastor Jules’ orphanage, SAKALA, the Neuf Beouf school, and patients at the TB ward at the Ti Kay clinic.

Art, science and literacy projects conducted over the 3 week period included:
1. Haiti Watercolor Maps
2. Art Portfolio Decorating
3. Beadmaking
4. Thank You card painting
5. Watercolor Dinner Plates
6. Pineapple Drawing
7. Balloon Dancing
8. Six Literacy Poster Projects
9. Recycle Robot Planters
10. Angel Wings Mural painting
11. Tree Drawings
12. Pogo Portraits
13. Coffee Bag Planters
14. Two Composting Gardening Murals
15. Unicorn Horns
16. And lots of yoga and dancing!

To complete all these projects, we traveled with many stuffed suitcases containing: watercolor paints and paper, portfolios, markers, beads, art trading cards, balloons, 9 literacy posters, 6 Moringa posters, worms, Moringa seeds, tin cans, hot glue guns, bottle caps, murals, oil pastels, crayons, masking tape, feathers, glue, GLITTER!, Pogo printer and paper, fingernail polish, face paint, coffee bags, wire coat hangers, tons of Cleanwell products and approximately 75 homemade dresses.

Project HOPE Art would like to thank our corporate sponsors Cleanwell and Dick Blick, who helped us work with approximately 150 children, many repeatedly, over the course of our stay. Their financial assistance allowed us to stay on budget, and work with as many kids as possible.

Thanks so much to all our generous donors who made this trip possible, and we look forward to our next trip scheduled for January 2013!

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