Photography Program and the Media Arts Lab


Project HOPE Art offers a studio environment where students can work on digital, analog, electronic and alternative media art projects. Students in our new after-school program will create experimental multimedia works. A variety of conceptual, formal, and performance-based approaches to the medium will be explored over the course of each year long program. Topics include Storytelling, Printmaking: digital, lithography and woodcut, Synesthesias, PhotoJournalism, Visual Music, Color Theory, Film Soundtracks, Creating: Mobile, Illuminated, and Responsive Works of Art and The Relationship between Biology and Art.

September 2015 – December 2016 



Project HOPE Art has made huge impacts in various communities of Haiti and in the team’s latest vision, students will be challenged in a creative workshop to exercise and advance their knowledge in writing, reading, English, photography, public speaking, presentation, and interview skills.

Haiti with one of the most beautiful and enchanting cultures is darkened by its very controversial history.  Ruled by more than 70 dictators from 1804-1915, currently ranked as one of the five most corrupt countries, and 80% of its population living under poverty line; the residents of Haiti continue to fight oppression and strive for a better life.

Through interview techniques and photojournalism, 46 students will reach out to the elders of their community to reflect on life, experiences, culture, history, and very importantly – allow their voices to be heard.  At the end of this eight week long workshop, each student with the guidance of instructor Esnold Jure accompanied by Winter, Gueldy, and Lisane will transform Project HOPE Art’s vision to a statement that can finally be heard. beauty to find beauty.

Launched in April, 2013: The Photography Program will begin with ten students (ages 12-18) from our esteemed list of Project Partners. The theme of the 16 week program is “Daily Life” as viewed and lived by children in various neighborhoods throughout Haiti.

The first class will kick off with a Program Orientation with Photographer Melissa Schilling. The Program will have one teacher (Jean Pierre Romel – a Haitian documentary filmmaker) and will run for 16 weeks. The Program will take place on Sundays from 10-3pm; May – August; at the Project HOPE Art Center in the Clercine District of PaP.

In September 2013 the students portfolio of work will travel to the US to be displayed at the Project HOPE Art Donor Dinner. It will turn around and head back to Haiti in time for the October 11, 2013 celebration of The Day of the Girl at the United Nations. The body of work will live permanently at Haiti Communitere.

Visiting Photographers will teach Sunday workshops with the students and work with Romel throughout their stay in Haiti focused on editing and curating students bodies of work. Join us in our premiere journey.
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You may donate items from our wishlist:
We are on the hunt for money, but also gently used equipment:
• 10 Point and Shoot digital cameras
• 1 DSLR
• 2 Photo Printers (8X10 sized paper and up)
• Camera Card Readers
• Reams of Photo Paper
• 2 laptops
• 2 iPads

About Project HOPE Art
Our Mission:
“To inspire, heal and improve the quality of life for children in need through the creative process of art.”

Our Values:
Art is the universal language which transcends differences in cultural and customary barriers.
Art is a tool for education that encourages creative thinking, problem solving and growth.
Art gives a voice to the voiceless.
Art is good for the soul.

Our Actions:
Project HOPE Art uses art as a vehicle to inspire, to educate and to create intentional whimsy. We work with children in hospitals, orphanages, schools and communities in disaster stricken areas, utilizing art to help establish self esteem, self expression, self respect and stress relief for our students. We create art for art’s sake, while educating through our art, science, nutrition and literacy programs. We twirl in tutus and face paint because it’s good for the soul. Since our inception in January 2010 we have made multiple trips to Haiti and have recently launched a Visiting Artist Program, creating a sustainable way for artists in any medium to share their creativity with our kids and project partners as we strive towards our mission to inspire, heal and improve the quality of life for children in need.

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