Haiti: Through the eyes of the Wise Elders

A Project HOPE Art Creative Workshop

FACT: Only 53% of Haitians can read and write

FACT: Only about 40% of school-aged children attend school regularly

FACT: Only about 10% of all Haitian children enrolled in elementary school go on to a high school

FACT: The life expectancy for Haiti is low 50 years for men and 53 years for women

Project HOPE Art has made huge impacts in various communities of Haiti and in the team’s latest vision, students will be challenged in a creative workshop to exercise and advance their knowledge in writing, reading, English, photography, public speaking, presentation, and interview skills.

Haiti with one of the most beautiful and enchanting cultures is darkened by its very controversial history.  Ruled by more than 70 dictators from 1804-1915, currently ranked as one of the five most corrupt countries, and 80% of its population living under poverty line; the residents of Haiti continue to fight oppression and strive for a better life.  

Through interview techniques and photojournalism, 46 students will reach out to the elders of their community to reflect on life, experiences, culture, history, and very importantly – allow their voices to be heard.  At the end of this eight week long workshop, each student with the guidance of instructor Esnold Jure accompanied by Winter, Gueldy, and Lisane will transform Project HOPE Art’s vision to a statement that can finally be heard.  

ProGRAM Budget

Tuition for one student = $25 (Tuition for 46 students = $1,150)

Salary for one teacher = $100 (Salary for 4 teachers = $400)

Project total for an 8-week workshop for 46 students = $1,550


We HOPE that you will consider making a tax-deductible donation, large or small.  Every dollar of your donation will help fund this program.  Two ways to make a difference:

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