Project Hope Art at Peralta Junction

Saturday, November 24th from 4PM -7PM
in West Oakland, CA

chuggah chuggah.
(choo CHOOOO!)

Project HOPE Art is heading back to Haiti for the Holidays.

We’ll be meeting up with children at 7 schools, orphanages and clinics between Christmas and New Years to pass out our handmade gardening guide: There Grows The Neighborhood

We want to foster Urban Gardening for the new year.
And our 2013 project, Let There Be Light will be nearly complete. Read all about it here:

We’ll also be teaching art + science workshops at our brand new Project HOPE Art Center at Haiti Communitere in
Port au Prince, Haiti.
And that means . . .

we need a TON of art supplies, computers, fabric, crayons, journals, cameras, ideas and GLITTER to be donated.

If you have of the things on our wishlist lying around your house, please come on down to Peralta Junction before it closes down forever and donate some things to pay it forward to those less fortunate.

About Peralta Junction: A Pop-Up Creative Commons in West Oakland featuring Art, Food Trucks, Performances, People & Pumpkins. An Artist and Entrepreneur Led Urban Space Activation Project

Project HOPE Art Wishlist:
Digital Cameras with SD Memory Cards
Recorders and Musical Instruments
Portable Photo Printer
Fabric and Sewing Kits
Reams of Black Paper
20 Sets of Watercolor Paints
30-40 Pencil Sharpeners and Erasers
2 Boxes Oil Pastels
Blank Journals
Large Quantity magnets
2-3 Sets of Face Paints
Letter Beads for making name bracelets
Chalk for chalkboards
Dry erase markers
Label Maker

For Tuberculosis Patients at l’Hopital de l’Université d’Etat d’Haiti (HUEH) – the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince:
protein powder, protein bars, b6 vitamins, iron pills, any food or candy that patients will eat

General Haiti Wishlist:
Art supplies: markers, paints, brushes, papers, pencils, beads, sketchbooks etc… can all be found on our Dick Blick Wish List
The Tailgator Speaker System, Solar iPod Player, or any iPod speaker dock or boombox
iPods of all sizes and ages
25 mosquito nets
40 plastic cups (reusable)
40 forks/knives
Tool Kit: hammer, hooks, nails, screws, drill, Swiss army knife, shelf brackets
Glow-in-the-dark adhesive stars
Men’s size 9 flip flops or sandals
40 lightweight girls’ nightgowns
Books & Movies in French or Haitian Creole
Camping knife/plate set
Rubbermaid Bins on Wheels
SD Media Cards of 10GB or higher
Rolls of film and/or disposable cameras
Dried Fruit, Nuts, Peanut Butter, Crackers, Gatorade Powder Mix
Old suitcases or duffle bags
Childrens clothing, night clothes, bathing suits, dress-up clothes (NO LONG SLEEVES or LONG PANTS. Haiti is a VERY hot place)
Children’s shoes (flip flops, crocs, tevas, sneakers are all great!)
Children’s undergarments
Gallon Ziplocks & Sandwich Snack Baggies

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