Haiti: Through the Eyes of the Wise Elders

Midterm Report:

Today was the 4th and also the last day of revision with the participants of the #Wise elders creative workshop.

We have started the October 3rd with 34 people but, 4 more had joined us within two weeks later which make the final interviewing process is ended with 38 participants in total.

During these four weeks, the participants went to meet their respective elder in their neighborhood in order to fill their question forms. On Saturday they come to meet #Jure at HC so as to examine every single question. They shared their responses in front of the class so the others can hear responses of each one, ask questions and give their comments.

This first part of the project is come to an end. It has been a wonderful experience for all of us, teachers and students. We learn things that we did not know before, things we did not learn even at school. In fact, everyone was interested in knowing the answers of others when we meet.

On this last day, we had a meeting with all participants on base. We did a general review with everybody except those who could not come because the socio-political panic that has raised last week between two clan of gangsters in the area of Cité Soleil. This fact also cause two of our present participants had lost their questionnaires while running away under gunshots. Nevertheless, those who were not affected by this trouble and some who were able to save their work brought it. We commented responses. We collected all students’ papers. Planned to take more photographs and refreshed them about the next steps of the project.

As a whole, the first part is ended on a good atmosphere. We take pictures of the team, the participants and go home.

As a reminder, I want to make this refreshment about the next steps of the project Haiti Through the Eyes of the Wise Elders commonly known as #Wise Elders Creative Workshop. We will work with our young leaders to re-analyze and correct all participants work. Work with colleagues to on translation of the papers. Typing and polishing the final work in English then, work on publication.

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