Music class performence in Konbit Soley Leve, June 25th 2015


Since2011, a group of young adults in Haiti, especially in Cité Soleil started a social movement named KONBIT SOLEY LEVE with the purpose to eradicate the rate of vandalism, social conflit between the differnts blocks wihtnin Cité Soleil and to promote fraternity and collaboration between them.

Cité Soleil is internationally known as an extremely impoverished and densely populated of the Haitian metropolitan area and one of the poorest and most dangerous area in the western Hemisphere also one of the biggest slums in Northern Hemisphere.

KONBIT is an authentic Haitian term that describes an old method of accomplishing a large or intense work. Usually they are a group each one of them has their own work but they prefer to combine to help the others in the group and this way they set out evry day to do someone else’s work in the group and sometime they do community work.

These young Leaders chose to name their movement this way first to trace back the method of living together but mainly to unity the people from different block and make them work together for one and other.

KONBIT SOLEY LEVE’s main objective is to work with the community Leaders so the inhabitants of Cité Soleil have a better lifestyle by promoting fairness, collaboration and peace in Cité Soleil. KONBIT SOLEY LEVE uses music, sport such as: soccer and basket game for peace, summer camp, sensitize people, do some workhop any eans to make the idea

Transcend everybody no matter social you are belonging to.

In June 2014, KONBIT SOLEY LEVE launched a program called “Cité Soleil Peace Prize”. This featured program aimed to reward the first 5 social Leaders withnin Cité Soleil that are doing or had done the must recent work and that has a social impact. This year, on June 25th was the second edition of Cité Soleil Peace Prize. Our linkage to the Konbit had permitted us to assist and our music class had been performing in that event. Our music teacher Gueldy RENE and our Education program Director Winter LUC are members of KONBIT SOLEY LEVE, we profite of this event to let people hear our children’s voice as we are promoting better life style for kids and there were many notable persons from various classes in the Haitian attending that event it was very important moment to spread out our objectives through the song of our children “ Children today adult tomorrow we need good care” which is also on Gueldy’s album. They had the opportinunity to perform live.

That was an amazing experience we had the opportinunity to meet lots of eminent people the greatest importance was performing and help the Konbit do this meaninsful job.



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