June 7th, 13 week of the gardining class

The 13th week of the gardining class was totally a practice class. The students were taught how to prepare a mango seed. Following the teacher, the students prepared the soil; having their bottles ready, they put the mangoes seed into the bottles and watered them. After all, the arranged them in a special so to have them ready to be raplanted some weeks later. It was fantastic,this class!

Key words
– Seed: small round or oval object produced by a plant and from which, when it is planted a new plant can grow again.

– Soil: The material on the surface of the groung in which plants grow.

– Mango: an oval tropical fruit with a smooth skin

Mo Kle
– Semans: Se yon ti grenn won oubyen oval ou jwenn nan plant epi ladan, lè ou plante li ankò, li ka pouse yon nouvo ti plant

– Tè: Matyè ou materyèl ki sou sifas la, kote ou ka plante (Fè jaden)

– Mango: Se yon fri twopikal ou ka manje, ji ak divès lot bagay ankò.

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