31th May 2014, 12Th week of the class

On the 12th week of the gardening class, we learn more and in detail about TREE NURSERY. The students are taught in an accuracy way how to prepare one, such as: its form,the tools that you may need, the disposition of the beds and the various kinds of elements that are necessaries to make the construction. Furthermore, the students were all gathered together along with their painting stools and start exposing their skills in a concrete way by drawing a tree nursery, which is the ART part of the class. It was so neat and no flaw because they colored the trees properly and included all the detail that they have learn earlier.
It was wonderful!

*Tree nursery:a special area where they grow seed so as to be replanted in a specific time.
*Bed:a plot of ground prepared for plants.
*Tools:any hand instrument by human that aid in accomplishing a task.

*Pepinye:yon moso te kote yo grandi plant oubyen pye bwa epi pou yo kapab replante yo nan yon lot kote apre.
*Plat-band:yon ti moso te byen prepare nan yon pepinye pou plante oubyen simen grenn.
*Zouti:tout bagay ke moun itilize pou ede yo reyalize yon travay.
Art pepinyeClass
photo 1

photo 2

photo 3
Art P 2

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