24th May 2014, 12 Week of the garden class

This week 12th of the gardening class project Hope Art, it was very special.the class started by doing a general review of what we have studied over the last weeks, and after we go straight to other activities such as: cleaning our garden, preparing soil and fill the plastics bottles and transplant a bunch of seeding that we have in our vegetable nursery. All the students involved and worked joyfully. ( when they done, they all put a tag name on every one’s bottle and arranged them)

Key words
– transplantation: the process of digging up a plant or seed in order to be replanted elsewhere.

– Direct sowing : the fact of planting seed for growing and beaning at that same place.

– Indirect sowing: the fast of planting seed for growing in order to be taken off and replanted elsewhere.
Mo Kle
– Transplantasyon: se rache yon plant ki te nan yon espas kelkonk epi replanted li nan yon lot espas

– Semans Derek: se le ou plante yon plant nan yon espas e ou pap deplase li anko.

– semans endirek: se le ou mete yon plant nan yon espas pou li leve epi pare ou ap rache li pou ou replante.
Class anba mango
Class anba mango


photo 1

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