Garden Class ” 10th week “

For this 10th week of the Garden Class, the Students were taught firstly, on breeding, tree nursery and vegetable plantation.They learnt how to do them as well. Secondly, it was the english class, the students reviewed the last three vocabulary words they had the last Saturday and leanrt three new more. Lately, they visited the rabbit cage so to clean it. They were excited to feed them.


*Breeding: sexual propagation of plants or animals.

*Resourcefulness the possibility to use things around to solve a problem without spending to much efforts or money.

*Tree nursery: space used to do seeding of trees ranged in order, until they become adult so to be transplanted.


Elvaj: aksyon pou fe bet ak plant grandi ak pwopaje.

Rezolibilite: kalite yon bagay ki ka rezoud san ou pa bezwen deplwaye yon pil efo oubyen depanse lajan.

Pepinye: kote yo semans grandi epi pou yo ka replante yo.


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