March 26, 2014 – Week 4 of the Gardening Class

This week in gardening class we practiced drawing carrots. Students drew three sizes of carrots using acrylic paints and construction paper. We also planted sunflowers with Delphine. Each student was given their tire planter to water and care for.

Mezidor taught the students about composting. And special guest Robin Borrud brought large pans to collect rabbit waste to add to our new compost bin. Robin is helping our class with many things: bringing in seeds and gardening supplies; researching feeds for rabbit program and looking into re-starting our aquaponics program. 13330361174_6f7d3775c1_o IMG_20140322_120823 13010692653_757c1b2781_o image IMG_20140322_120724 Winter made rice and vegetables for lunch. P1100592 P1100594 13165896584_fbcf68d6bf_o 13331985784_958589cc61_o Our key terms this week were:

Compost: decayed organic material used as a plant fertilizer.

Organic: living biological matter.

Decay: (of organic matter) rot or decompose through the action of bacteria and fungi.


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