Voodoo Tire Necklace Class

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It was very warm in the Oaktown Gallery housed at American Steel this last Saturday (August 17). The sun shone on giant metal sculptures outside. And the clanging of tolls echoed around the cavernous room inside the gallery.

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We held a class with 12 people, in order to show them how to turn trash into a work of art. We took car tires that people had discarded and we demonstrated how to repurpose them.

First everyone made a drawing on paper.
Next, we traced their drawings onto the rubber. Cutting the drawings out from the rubber was laborious but triumphant. We used hammers, scalpels, box cutters and heavy duty scissors.
Once freed from the rubber, each design was attached to string and hung around the students neck.
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I was very happy with all of you for responding to this invitation to learn Haitian street art. I want to see all of you for another class next year.


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