Art at the Dump

Hi Everyone! It’s our first week at Recology.
As you may know, Racine, Claudel and I are actually in San Francisco for a mini-art tour and Art Residency at (Recology Sf).

Our first visit at Recology was Monday, August 19, it was very informative and helped us understand HOW MANY of waste that are in this little world and no one will help you instead you help your self.
waste that affected us was the  tables and benches for schools in very good condition, but for one reason or another they have chosen to throw them in the garbage, when we saw things like that I realized that the underdeveloped country that s’ expect that a more powerful country comes and help build their schools, and infrastructure can wait centuries.

By the way we are in SF until September 24th, and we are here to make art and to turn all these waste into visual sculptures that can give them another type of value and utility.

See our work in progress Monday 19 to Friday 23

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