2013 Photography Program

Each story, unfolding on this earth, belongs to a unique human being.


Everybody wants to know that their own experiences are meaningful and valuable. Using the power of visual storytelling, photography helps young people develop skills and attitudes to overcome some of the barriers they face and support them on their journey to a positive adulthood. Photography is accessible: skills build quickly and anyone who works at it can produce terrific images. Many of our students struggle with other art forms and have difficulty expressing themselves verbally or in writing, due to the high illiteracy rates in Haiti.


Their cameras turn them into artists. But our goal is not merely to train our students as photographers; we want to help them create successful lives. We do this by teaching them transferable skills and engaging them with a network of caring adults.

Students come from a variety of neighborhoods, schools, orphanages, clinics and backgrounds. We bring them together in one space, once a week to engage and learn from one another. To unite in their journey together and form a bond that transcends geography, religion or economic status.

Meet the inaugural 2013 Class:

Photography Instructor: Romel Jean Pierre
Program Director: Melissa Schilling

Blandine, age 17 from Bwa Nèf, Cite Soleil (PaP)
Blandine (2)

Christopher Dragon, age 18 from Venant de Ti Kay/H’opital General
Christopher Dragon (3)

Bergina, age 16, from Cazeau
Pierre bergina

Eguens, age 14 from Bwa Nèf, Cite Soleil (PaP)
Eguens (1)

Wolson, age 18 from Sibert, Croix des Bouquets

Altidor, age 13, from Cazeau

Altidor Julio

Wildo, age 14 from Sibert, Croix des Bouquets

Macdaline, age 11 from Bwa Nèf, Cite Soleil (PaP)
Macdaline (1)

Leonis, age 14, from Cazeau
Leonis Junior

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