One Hundred Forty Three Dresses for Haiti have rolled in from all over the world!

For anyone not familiar with pager text code from the 1990’s,
the number 143 means I Love You.

So to commemorate 143 dresses, hand sewn for Haiti, is very special.

At this time we need money to transport all the dresses to Haiti. We’d like our artists to hand deliver them to the orphanage in Carrefour. Please donate anything you can by clicking here.

A special thank you to all the amazing seamstresses who continue to send in homemade sun dresses for HOPE Art’s Dress Drive. Our original goal was 30 dresses, a new one for each girl, and our count as of today is 143 and still climbing! It’s been incredibly heartwarming to watch them continue to come in.

For those of you that may not have sewing skills, but would like to support this project, HOPE Art has a new Kickstarter campaign running that we would like to also serve as a dress delivery trip in January. Only 6 days are left to reach our goal and receive all the money that has been pledged so far. Please consider skipping a latte for a day and donating even just $5 to make this special trip happen. Every little bit helps, thanks!

P.S. This pink dress is the very first one we ever received.

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  1. Kalle says:

    We are working on some dresses, and shall be sending 10 more your way! My understanding is they need to reach you by 11/15; please let me know if that is not correct.


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