From Gainesville With Love

We call him the King of Jacmel.  David Ames from Gainesville, Florida knows every nook and cranny. Every artist compound. Each and every tap tap stop along the beach roads. He knows what fried chicken joints are open. He knows which ministers, teachers and creative directors of flagship art programs will welcome Project HOPE Art through their doors and into the classrooms of children just waiting to paint, draw and laugh.  We are always so incredibly grateful to work with David in Jacmel. And even more grateful to have had the opportunity to meet all the beautiful children and their caretakers. A beautiful exchange of art takes place whenever David Ames is around.

From Gainesville with Love is the Sister City Program between Gainesville Florida and Jacmel, Haiti. They aim to create partnerships between schools, churches, and social institutions. Jacmel, once the capitol of the french colonial empire, is one of Haiti’s only tourist cities and it’s cultural Capitol. In initiating sister-city trips they hope to help Jacmel, make itself amenable to U.S. tourism, thus empowering sustainable livelihoods in it’s population, largely comprised of musicians, artists, and craftspeople.

Furthermore, they hope to galvanize the efforts of the University of Florida, the city, and the private sector in helping Jacmel in in its set forth goals of modernization and redevelopment.

They operate under the aegis of Gainesville Sister Cities and their 501c3, non-profit status. Donations though them are tax-deductible.  Whenever possible, they hope to help involve local Gainesville culture: music, food, and the arts, for that is one area in which both Gainesville and Jacmel excel.

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