Colorado Art Show Benefit

Artist and art teacher Holly Johnson of Denver CO has generously chosen PHA to be a recipient of proceeds from her exhibit “I am Kid”.  Thank you so much for the support Holly!! Read more about this event below…


Pirate Contemporary art is proud to present— I am Kid.
I am Kid, is a group exhibition featuring work by Holly Johnson who is a founding member of the Denver collective PINK COLLAR GLAM and students from her 1st through 3rd Grade art class at Aspen Academy.
I am Kid, features work that is based on the idea of pure art, almost that which is in the milieu of outsider art. The paintings and drawings are collaborative pieces created by 1st-3rd grade pupils. The paintings reside in a foreseen reference to Abstract Expressionism, yet the work is in a category all its own. The show celebrates the creativity, honesty, and innocence of a child. Holly Johnson will also feature work that references the idea of making art out of the desperate and innate need to produce something meaningful and to offer of oneself true expression.
Invited Guests:
Thomas Pelz, Avery Starishevsky, Ian Welker, Casson Brown, Gracie Richardson, Sean Speil, Audry Wong, and a few others to be determined
Other Info:
All proceeds will be donated to the Aspen Academy art program and Project Hope Art in Haiti.
Aspen Academy is a private school in Greenwood Village, CO. Holly Johnson is the 1st-8th grade art teacher there. The school is heavily grounded on the principles of leadership and whose only rule is to “be kind”
Project Hope is a non-profit organization in Haiti that believes “art is a universal language.”
For More Info:
Opening Reception: Friday March 22, 2013 6-10pm
Exhibition dates: March 22-April 7, 2013
Pirate Contemporary Art
Gallery Hours: Fri. 6-10 Sat. and Sun. 12-5


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