100 Words: Photographers Speak – intentional whimsy

We recently put together a photo essay using 100 words or less with accompanying photos. The same format that NPR uses.

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See our essay here.

Port au Prince, Haiti: Bleak Landscapes and Grim Living Conditions meet your arch nemesi: Vibrant Color, Laughter and Creativity.

In this war against despair the best weapon is intentional whimsy. The idea that things can be unnecessary for survival and yet totally necessary for LIVING.

In my travels throughout Haiti it is art that is constantly amusing the masses. Inspiring them to not give up or give in. But to laugh and appreciate what is and to make it through another day.

Connecting with the children of Haiti, the next generation of leaders, has forever changed how I approach obstacles in my own life. I am now grateful for every mouthful of food. For every blanket on my soft bed. For every mile I drive in my own car. For every chance I have to tell someone I love them. For every opportunity I am afforded to chase my dreams.

-Melissa Schilling

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