Grow Your Own Graffiti

MOSS GRAFFITI: No messy paints, no spray cans, no destruction. If you grow tired of your green graffiti then you can just clear it away and chuck it in your compost bin.

Artist, Anna Garforth has been working with moss for some time. She was inspired by guerrilla gardening and started to make these beautiful grassy sculptures that bring the natural world into our urban environments in a different way. It certainly gives a new meaning to the term Urban Gardening.

“Garforth uses natural and recycled materials to spread her own brand of social commentary and sustainable design concepts. Her ideas are in turn seeds for new growth and a valid and vital avenue of exploration.”

One thought on “Grow Your Own Graffiti

  1. Marcie says:

    As an art teacher AND a licensed landscaper…I love this project!!! How long does it take for the moss reach the maturity of the last picture???

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