Arm Wrestling Tournament – February 24, 2012


HOPE Art and BAAWL (Bay Area Arm Wrestling Ladies) are teaming up to host a raucous performance-based arm wrestling competition that’s guaranteed to be OVER THE TOP. Our first tournament will be held Friday, February 24th in San Francisco at Chez Poulet, and is intended to empower women while raising funds and awareness for women-focused projects.

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HOPE Art Arm Wrestlers are fired-up ladies who toe the line between theatrical antics and hardcore athleticism. Two-person teams of woman-identified wrestlers compete in each brawl. Each wrestler has a persona, bio, theme song, and money-hungry entourage to back them up and collect “bets” from the crowd.

Proceeds from the evening will go towards art-based programming (facilitated by HOPE Art) for the Organization of Young Girls in Action (OJFA in French), a girls’ empowerment center and orphanage in Carrefour, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


To compete in the upcoming tournament, find yourself a partner and fill out the form at There is a $50 Registration Fee per team of ladies. You are encouraged to hit up local businesses to sponsor your registration (all sponsors will be receive recognition at the event – contact for more info). All wrestlers are highly encouraged to be as creative, whimsical and bad-ass as possible.

Bring your theatrics.
Your flair for the dramatic.
Bring your game face and your lipstick, too.

Rules are determined and managed by the referee, only to be manipulated by celebrity judges, corrupted by crowd hecklers, and bribed by cold, hard dolla dolla billz, y’all.

MCs: Paul Trask and Stefbot
DJs: JoeJoe (Brass Tax) and Haute Mess (Romper Room)
Referee and Gigolo: Alex Mace
Video Wizard: Austin Hill
Graphic Visionary: Elizabeth Marley


About HOPE Art:
Exploring the arts as a catalyst for healing and therapy, HOPE Art is inspiring creativity, communication, and self-expression for young Haitian girls who are orphaned and struggling to build their lives and their communities. For more information, visit

About BAAWL:
BAAWL is the first West Coast league inspired by the original CLAW (Charlottesville Ladies Arm Wrestlers). Staying true to the vision, and inspiration of CLAW, BAAWL’s mission is to empower all women and strengthen communities through theater, arm wrestling, and philanthropy.

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