…a trail of HOPE, a commemorative street portrait project

Thank you to all of our kickstarter donors who made this project possible …

Juliya Obukhovskaya, Monica Dolan, Melissa Felix, Tiffany A. Yandt, Cara, Jo, Keri Muma, Mark, Cathy and Frank Vives, Maritza, Sandra Cherk, Trink Praxel, Chantelle Roche, Katy Bilodeau, Anonymous, Christine Bradley, Lucy and Dave, Elyse Wood, Tom Neuhaus, Katie Kolb, Mica and Taylor, Bridget Hansen, Rebecca Marlitt Schilling, Suzanna Ferebee, Beth Thorpe, Nathalie Philippe, Charlene Sandlin, Lailani Ali, Stephanie Raugust, Susana Arias, Deborah N. Behles, Melissa Rockstar, Krystel Cassis, Roy Ehlenberg, Anita Salem, Kris F. Heil, Stefani Gesiorski, Kathleen Barbaro, Justin Helton, Dave Coleman, Debra Sloss, Kalle Thompson, Wes and Beth Dalzell, Sandra D. Siano, David Eurpongpan, Don. A. Zimmerman, Chris Munich, Elizabeth Castles, and Joanne F. Wong

We will be heading back to Port au Prince, Haiti on January 6th and staying through the 20th. On the anniversary of the earthquake on January 12th, we will be papering the streets around Carrefour (a slum neighborhood in PaP) with portraits of the young girls we work with at OJFA. These portraits express hopes, dreams and goals for the future. It is our pleasure to foster the manifestation of HOPE in this hard hit city, in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

Each donor will receive a high resolution photograph they may share with friends and family showcasing the portrait they personally helped fund.
All money raised goes towards art supplies, printing costs and travel expenses from the Bay Area to Port au Prince.

Thank you a million-fold.

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