a few of our favorite drawings from the August trip to Haiti . . .

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We believe that there are not words as powerful as a single drawing, sock puppet play, mural, photograph or creative enterprise. Using art as a catalyst for healing and expression we intend to initiate whimsy and wonder while infusing creativity into disaster stricken communities. So often children are not part of the conversation within a hard hit, natural disaster area. We bring their ideas, thoughts and emotions to life in full color regardless of language, creed or custom. We do this using art as the Universal Langauge.

I draw, U draw is a step by step process of teaching students to draw objects, animals, people and landscapes. It builds confidence, self-esteem as well as trains the artists’ eye and fine motor skills. Students explore watercolors, oil pastels, colored pencils and other media as ways of finishing their drawings. This is also the basis for our literacy program where students drawings will be used in a book naming each of the drawings in english, kreyol and french.

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