Vegetable Drawings

Our first activity at Sakala in Cite Soleil, during the July 2012 trip to Haiti — was to gauge the kids artistic and nutritional knowledge.

We initiated our famous dinner plate drawing activity and these are the results during the lesson. We focused on teaching the kids how to grow their own food: Moringa Trees, Swiss Chard, Butter Lettuce, Chioggia Beets, Globe Beets, two types of Pole Beans (Rattlesnake and Fordhook), two types of peppers (Jalapeno and Padron), Cilantro, Mint and a few wildflowers just for fun and visual delight. These plantings lead us to the Dinner Plate Project which encouraged our students to draw the most delicious and nutritious foods onto their plate.

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About Sakala Community Center: The Jaden Tap Tap is an acre of former landfill that now symbolizes hope, empowerment, education, and opportunity for the surrounding community. This bountiful garden already has more than 500 brightly painted tires used as planting beds for nutritious fruits and vegetables, a flower garden, and a nursery with over 1000 Moringa saplings.  250 youth-at-risk from SAKALA eagerly participated in the preparation, planting and maintenance of the garden.  Your attendance will help us showcase the Jaden Tap Tap as a model for urban agriculture for the neighborhood, country, and the world – demonstrating that bountiful, nutritious gardens can be grown in even the harshest conditions.  To learn more, please visit: