Photo Gallery: July 2012 Trip to Haiti

The Summer of the Moringa Tree!

Tree of Life, Drumstick tree, Horseradish tree, Mother’s Best Friend, Benzoliv…

These are all different names for the Moringa tree, which Project Hope Art has chosen to seed in Haiti by creating planters, planting seeds and saplings, designing a cook book, and educating children and the community about the numerous uses and health benefits of the Moringa tree.

Besides its nutritional density, Moringa can also be used to treat water and has several healing properties. Its ability to thrive in hot climates makes this tree a powerful weapon against world hunger and malnutrition. For the planter project, we used burlap coffee bags and wire coat hangers, and wove the hangers through the top of the bag, creating a round sack that can be hung up or sit on the ground.

Sakala/Jarden Tap Tap generously donated moringa seeds, pods, and saplings which were planted and left for the kids to watch grow and eventually eat! It’s important for children to understand that eating more nutrients makes them feel better, and it was an honor to teach them about the magical Moringa tree.

Professor Winter is currently building a new school for all the children.
He is on the hunt for funding for:

1,895 gourdes per unit ($47 US)
50 benches needed (5 per classroom), total cost= 94,750 gourdes ($2369 US)

Locking supplies cabinet:
1,915 gourdes per unit ($48 US)
5 cabinets needed (1 per classroom), total cost= 9,575 gourdes ($240 US)

Remember, Haiti is 98% Deforested. Wood is CRAZY expensive.

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