Thank You to Micheals!

A huge thank you goes out to Michaels for allowing Project HOPE Art to bring so much colorful yarn to Haiti last month. A generous gift card allowed this group of 15 orphan girls the chance to make make pom-poms with my favorite Sugar ‘n Cream yarn, scraps of cardboard and scissors. It only took one demonstration before they all jumped in (seriously, even the little 6 and 7 year olds!) and made pom-poms to wear in their hair, around their neck and for their friends. It was a wonderful afternoon and I suspect many of them are still being worn today.

Michaels 3

Michaels 2

Michaels 1

Michaels 4

Michaels 0

Craft Project for Haiti

We were looking for fun yarn projects to take to Haiti next month, and happily found this technique to make a rounded braid. It looks a lot more complicated to make than it actually is, which is the best kind of craft to find.


1. Trace any cup to make a circle about 3.5″ wide on lightweight cardboard (cereal boxes work great). A little larger or smaller circle will work too.


2. Draw four lines to divide the circle into 8 equal sections. Super precise measurements are not necessary, eyeball guesses will be OK.


3. Cut eight notches out of the circle and add slits. Cut the center hole with a small scissors.


4. Cut 7 equal sections of yarn, about 18″ long. If you start with anything longer, the yarn tends to tangle up. Tie one end with a knot.


5. Place the knot in the hole and slide all 7 ends into slots as shown. One will be empty. Align as shown above so that the empty is at the 12:00 position.


6. Take the 4:00 yarn out of its slot.


7. Insert the yarn into the 12:00 slot.


8. Rotate the cardboard to the left so that the empty slot now sets at the 12:00 position. Repeat so that the 4:00 yarn is always moving to the empty 12:00. Always rotate the cardboard to the left and repeat, keeping the yarns taut for a neat braid.


9.  As rotations are made, a braid will start to form underneath.


10. When the yarn is all used up, tie the end off and enjoy your braided cord!


Over 300 Art Trading Cards for Haiti

We’d like to send out a big thank you to everyone who responded to our Art Trading Card Drive. Over the past several weeks we have been getting some of the sweetest cards with messages in our mailbox, and right now have over 300 to deliver to Haiti in July. We’ll pass them out to as many children as we can, along with everyone’s best wishes. Thanks so much, and if anyone else wants to participate, please drop them in the mail by July 1st. To download the details, click HERE.

Tap Tap Coloring Page

Tap Tap Coloring Page – FREE Download

Tap Tap Coloring Page

The very resourceful Haitians have a long history of traveling by Tap Taps, which are some of the most colorful vehicles you will ever see. Click HERE to download this original coloring page for FREE.

Here’s a fun fact about their name – when a traveler wants to get off at a stop, they reach out and “tap, tap” the side to let the driver know to slow down. How efficient is that?


Art Trading Card Drive for Haiti


Art trading cards are little works of art that measure 2.5” x 3.5” in size. In July 2013, Project HOPE Art will once again be traveling to Haiti, and would love to deliver as many of these cards as possible to children who have so much less than the rest of the world.

If you would like to take part in this drive, and send a message of good will, please follow the project requests below.

  • Use any type paper that you like, but it must measure 2.5” x 3.5”.
  • Create art on the front of the card that describes what your life islike. For example, I live in an apartment in CA, so I drew buildingswith a palm tree out front. Add your city and state (or country) below.
  • Add a message on the back and sign it with a first name only.
  • Placing each card in a plastic penny sleeve would be great, but not necessary.
  • Mail the cards to: Kathy Barbro, 12840 Moorpark Street #307, Studio City, CA by July 1st, 2013.

Please note that traveling to Haiti with extra luggage can get quite expensive, so donations would be very much appreciated. Visit and search for HOPE Art to make a tax deductible donation. For further information, email Thank you everyone for your support!


Art from Haiti

Want to see something amazing? These photos were just sent from Racine, Claudel and Romel, three Haitian artists that Project HOPE Art worked with last summer. They took some of Melissa’s photos of Haiti children and created these works of recycled art with materials found around their home in Port-Au-Prince. These pieces and more are going to be brought up for several art shows in Oakland this fall, but you folks get the first sneak preview. Aren’t they great?Image


PHA Looks to Expand…

About 3 short years ago, I received an email from northern California, showing me one of my murals that was colored and hanging on a school wall in Haiti. Long story short — that exchange changed my life. I soon met the amazing women of Project Hope Art, joined their cause, and have had so many incredible adventures with them ever since. I’ve drawn, painted, colored, crafted, danced, laughed (and cried!) with them and some of the most adorable little Haitian souls you could ever meet.

So why am I sharing this with you now? Because our merry band of volunteers is starting to make some really big things happen and we need some help. We have a new art center in Port Au Prince, sponsorship plans for three young Haitian artists, and a new photography program, just to get started. We particularly need a new volunteer with financial experience, art education experience, and another that can help us keep organized. If you have any of these skills, and are even a little bit curious about what it might be like to be part of a positive change in the world, please send us a message. This is a virtual job, you can live anywhere, we just need your energy and passion for helping children who deserve so much more than what they have right now.

Click below for more detailed job descriptions:

Finance Director

Operations Director

Art Education Director

— Kathy Barbro, Art Teacher in Studio City, CA

Preview of New Haiti Mural

Haiti Mural preview

Here’s a preview of Project HOPE Art’s new Haiti Mural, available in just a couple of weeks. This original image was created by Shepard Fairey, an American graphic designer and illustrator who is best known for the iconic HOPE Obama poster.

For just $10, you will receive a pdf file that you can print, color, and tape together to make an amazing 40″ x 60″ poster. All proceeds will go to fund Project HOPE Art’s ongoing work in Haiti. Stay tuned for the posting date.

Back from our July 2012 Trip

Project HOPE Art completed it’s 7th trip to Haiti last week, and it was filled with new milestones and new memories – plenty to last a lifetime! Below is a brief overview of what transpired from July 6th – July 22nd, 2012.

Team members Melissa Schilling, Sylwia Jarosz, Kathy Barbro, Sarah Bolls and Liz Anker worked with kids at a total of 5 locations: the OJFA Orphanage, Pastor Jules’ orphanage, SAKALA, the Neuf Beouf school, and patients at the TB ward at the Ti Kay clinic.

Art, science and literacy projects conducted over the 3 week period included:
1. Haiti Watercolor Maps
2. Art Portfolio Decorating
3. Beadmaking
4. Thank You card painting
5. Watercolor Dinner Plates
6. Pineapple Drawing
7. Balloon Dancing
8. Six Literacy Poster Projects
9. Recycle Robot Planters
10. Angel Wings Mural painting
11. Tree Drawings
12. Pogo Portraits
13. Coffee Bag Planters
14. Two Composting Gardening Murals
15. Unicorn Horns
16. And lots of yoga and dancing!

To complete all these projects, we traveled with many stuffed suitcases containing: watercolor paints and paper, portfolios, markers, beads, art trading cards, balloons, 9 literacy posters, 6 Moringa posters, worms, Moringa seeds, tin cans, hot glue guns, bottle caps, murals, oil pastels, crayons, masking tape, feathers, glue, GLITTER!, Pogo printer and paper, fingernail polish, face paint, coffee bags, wire coat hangers, tons of Cleanwell products and approximately 75 homemade dresses.

Project HOPE Art would like to thank our corporate sponsors Cleanwell and Dick Blick, who helped us work with approximately 150 children, many repeatedly, over the course of our stay. Their financial assistance allowed us to stay on budget, and work with as many kids as possible.

Thanks so much to all our generous donors who made this trip possible, and we look forward to our next trip scheduled for January 2013!


Mugs and Hugs for Haiti

The children at Nadine’s orphanage painted some beautiful dinner plate art during Project HOPE Art’s last visit. You can get your own copy on a jumbo size coffee mug to make sure all your days start off with a smile. Five dollars from every sale go to support our ongoing work in Haiti. Click HERE to shop at our CafePress store.

Wild Things Poster Fundraiser

These posters are part of Project Hope Art’s Renegade Storytelling Project, bringing popular children’s stories to life for the people of Haiti in schools and streets.  High resolution images are downloadable for a $5 donation. Click on the button to purchase via PayPal and you will get immediate download instructions.
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Pierre Maxo Haiti Mural

I created this mural to celebrate the amazing artwork of a young Haitian artist named Pierre Maxo, and to raise funds for HOPE Art’s ongoing work in Haiti. It’s been very popular since it was posted last year, and is value packed with 3 sizes of murals included in one pdf template for just $10.

This fundraising mural contains 9, 16 and 36 page versions (preview here) of Mr. Maxo’s “Jungle” painting. Instructions and color guide are included. To purchase this fundraiser at the special price of $10, click the “Add to Cart” button to make your payment via Paypal. Download instructions will follow upon completion of payment. All proceeds from the sale of this mural will benefit  Project HOPE Art. Warning: Download links will expire. Always save your pdf files immediately upon purchase.

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Sewing Party in New York

The people over at Oliver + S Pattern Company are hosting a sewing party for HOPE Art’s ongoing Haiti Dress Drive. If you live in the area, and would like to hang out with these amazing ladies, send them as RSVP and you can help them sew right in the Oliver + S design studio. They’ll be making dresses for young girls, and simple shorts for boys. All the fabric is being donated by Moda. Thanks so much to Liesl for putting this together, we at HOPE Art are eternally grateful for all your support.

Haiti Market Day Mural

This mural was created to celebrate the colorful work of Haitian artist Berny Mathias, and to continue to raise funds for HOPE Art’s work with Haitian children.

This fundraising mural contains 12-, 24- and 35-page versions (preview HERE) of Berny Mathias’ “Market Day” painting. Instructions and color guide are included. To purchase this fundraiser at the special price of $10, click the “Add to Cart” button to make your payment via Paypal. Download instructions will follow upon completion of payment. All proceeds from the sale of this mural will benefit Project HOPE Art.
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NEW Mug in our CafePress Store

Love style? Then drink this up, because our eye-catching ceramic tumbler is a work of art. Plus it’s also a workhorse — thanks to a solid design with steel inner-sleeve that’s ideal for hot or cold beverages. Holding a full 15 oz. and fitting into most vehicle’s cup holders (includes snap-tight lid), it’s also a great choice for travel.

  • Measures 7″ tall
  • Holds 15 oz.
  • Ceramic outer shell, stainless steel inner sleeve
  • Gasket-sealed lid, with snap tight closure
  • Hand wash only
  • $5 from every sale benefits HOPE Art work in Haiti

The Girls of OJFA

There are 40 girls (and 1 boy) that make up the OJFA orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Here are just a few of their beautiful faces and their names. These kids are all just a few weeks away from getting a boatload of new sundresses (and more!) that the HOPE Art team will deliver in early January. Stay tuned to see photos of that happy event.

New “Tap Tap” Journal at CafePress

Just created – a new journal over at Project HOPE Art’s CafePress Store. The drawing was made by a little boy in Jacmel during our visit to Haiti last August. I love the colors and think this would make a great gift for any art lover. You can never have too many art journals! The price is $14.49 and $5 from each sale will go back to support Project HOPE Art’s work in Haiti. So let your holiday shopping dollars help a great cause while you get totally original presents for your friends and family. It’s a win/win!

Sundresses for Haiti Keep Rolling In…

I’d like to give a special thank you to all the amazing seamstresses who continue to send in homemade sun dresses for HOPE Art’s Dress Drive. Our original goal was 30 dresses, a new one for each girl, and our count is now at 68 and still climbing!! It’s been incredibly heartwarming to watch them continue to come in.

For those of you that may not have sewing skills, but would like to support this project, HOPE Art has a new Kickstarter campaign running that we would like to also serve as a dress delivery trip in January. Only 18 days are left to reach our goal and receive all the money that has been pledged so far. Please consider skipping a latte for a day and donating $5 to make this special trip happen. Every little bit helps, thank you everyone!

Homemade Sundresses for Haiti

Earlier this month, when Project HOPE Art was at Nadine’s orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, it became abundantly clear just how few clothes many of her girls have. The things they do own are very worn at best, some just barely holding together. HOPE Art would like to change this, with a personal touch, by starting a Homemade Dress Drive. We are inviting all seamstresses, beginner or advanced, to make one or more simple sundresses (our goal is 30) which will be hand delivered to the orphanage by the end of the year. This project is being aided by an online pattern company “oliver + s”, who has kindly agreed to let us use their free sundress pattern, which you can download HERE. This well designed pattern was used to create this little pink number, which is officially “Dress #1”. Now just 29 more to go. Please email me should you have any questions, and thanks in advance to all who take this on. Dresses may be sent to:

Project HOPE Art
PO Box 786
Aptos CA

Living Art: A Mini Terrarium Project Begins

An ingenious suggestion from a friend has brought about this “Seeds In A CD Case” experiment that Project Hope Art will soon bring to Haiti. Beans are some of the most nutritional food around, and we hope to share their amazing growth process with young and old alike by starting plants out in CD cases. Wet potting soil and lots of sun gives the beans a great place to sprout. Stay tuned to see how these little guys change in the next couple of days.

Pierro Maxo Mural Template

This mural template celebrates the amazing artwork of a Haitian artist named Pierre Maxo, and is now available for immediate download for the price of just $10. A multipage pdf file, this document will allow the user to create large murals (three size options) when colored in and taped back together. You can see a preview of the 9, 16 and 36 page versions of Mr. Maxo’s “Jungle” mural template HERE.

Complete instructions and color guide are included. To purchase, click the “Add to Cart” button to make your payment via Paypal. Download instructions will follow upon completion. All proceeds from the sale of this mural will benefit Project HOPE Art.

Please note: Download links will expire. Always save your pdf files immediately upon purchase. Thank you for supporting this special effort!

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