Atis Rezistans hits Burning Man


15 sculptures from Atis Rezistans artists Racine Polycarpe and Claudel Casseus were on display at Burning Man thanks to our partnership with Burners without Borders and the lovely Carmen Mauk.  BWB promotes activities around the globe that support a community’s inherent capacity to thrive by encouraging innovative approaches to disaster relief and grassroots initiatives that make a positive impact. Hope that all of you out on the playa got a chance to check them out. If you missed the opportunity, don’t worry they will also be exhibited (complete with playa dust!) at our annual donor dinner on Sept 14th. Tickets are available here:  http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/431159


To learn more about Burners Without Borders please visit their website.



Colorado Art Show Benefit

Artist and art teacher Holly Johnson of Denver CO has generously chosen PHA to be a recipient of proceeds from her exhibit “I am Kid”.  Thank you so much for the support Holly!! Read more about this event below…


Pirate Contemporary art is proud to present— I am Kid.
I am Kid, is a group exhibition featuring work by Holly Johnson who is a founding member of the Denver collective PINK COLLAR GLAM and students from her 1st through 3rd Grade art class at Aspen Academy.
I am Kid, features work that is based on the idea of pure art, almost that which is in the milieu of outsider art. The paintings and drawings are collaborative pieces created by 1st-3rd grade pupils. The paintings reside in a foreseen reference to Abstract Expressionism, yet the work is in a category all its own. The show celebrates the creativity, honesty, and innocence of a child. Holly Johnson will also feature work that references the idea of making art out of the desperate and innate need to produce something meaningful and to offer of oneself true expression.
Invited Guests:
Thomas Pelz, Avery Starishevsky, Ian Welker, Casson Brown, Gracie Richardson, Sean Speil, Audry Wong, and a few others to be determined
Other Info:
All proceeds will be donated to the Aspen Academy art program and Project Hope Art in Haiti.
Aspen Academy is a private school in Greenwood Village, CO. Holly Johnson is the 1st-8th grade art teacher there. The school is heavily grounded on the principles of leadership and whose only rule is to “be kind”
Project Hope is a non-profit organization in Haiti that believes “art is a universal language.”
For More Info:
Opening Reception: Friday March 22, 2013 6-10pm
Exhibition dates: March 22-April 7, 2013
Pirate Contemporary Art
Gallery Hours: Fri. 6-10 Sat. and Sun. 12-5


meems teaching

First Teacher Training Workshops!

meems teaching

Project HOPE Art is kicking off 2013 with teacher training workshops at Haiti Communitere’s new Project HOPE Art Center on January 5th the workshop will be repeated again at Sakala on January 6th.

The workshops will focus on both Art and Science.  In the morning, local teachers will have the opportunity to experiment with art materials and learn techniques that they can use in their classrooms.  The afternoons will focus on sustainable agriculture and nutrition for children.  The workshop will also give a hands-on training about the benefits of the Moringa Tree; teachers will learn how to make both Sub-Irrigated Planters (SIP’s) and Moringa smoothies.

Project HOPE Art is making these trainings free for Haitian teachers and educators. Lunch, taptap fare and a tour of the projects at Haiti Communitere and Sakala are included in the workshop program. All participants will receive a teacher resource kit with instructions, information and materials to recreate projects with their students.

For more information on the events, visit Project HOPE Art’s Facebook events:

January 5th: https://www.facebook.com/events/437444212977914/

January 6th: https://www.facebook.com/events/120086148155942/

Please share these links to any organization or person who you know may benefit from these workshops.  Space is limited! To register in advance for the workshop contact Jenni Ward at jenni@projecthopeart.org.


round globe

Let There Be Light!

round globe

In honor of the third anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Port-au-Prince Haiti, Project HOPE Art is building a sculpture from recycled materials with Haitian artists, students and other project partners called “Let There Be Light”.  We will be creating a chandelier of plastic trash collected from the streets of Port au Prince.


Local artists from Atis Rezistans in Port au Prince are designing and building the trellis from which it will hang.  Students from Centre d’Education et de Formattion des Jeunes are collecting and cleaning the plastic materials and we will be assembling the parts and installing the sculpture together.  The final sculpture will remain a part of the school.


The original design of these light sculptures were created by artist Stuart Haygarth as a part of his Tide series, where he was collecting trash that washed up with the tide on his local shores.  He lights his chandeliers with a 100 watt bulb suspended in the center.

To support PHA in its art endeavors please make a tax deductible donation HERE! Thank you for your support!


Project Express Yourself


Project HOPE Art is proud to support performance artist Pamela Crawford and her Project Express Yourself via our Visiting Artist Program.  Her goal for her two weeks in Haiti with PHA partner organizations is to bring self and group expression to the children of Haiti through the art of Hooping.  Pamela will teach hooping skills that will culminate in a community performance at the end of her residency in Haiti.  This performance and the days leading up to it will be filmed for documentation.

This form of dance and exercise carries many physical, mental and emotional benefits.  In dance as a whole, children find ways to use movement for exploration, and to communicate ideas, issues, and their own feelings and thoughts. Adding a hoop to the foundation of dance not only has a fun and memorable impact on their childhood but throughout their life.

Help Pamela reach her goal by making a tax deductible donation via our Indiegogo campaign Project Express Yourself!

City of Dreams

This May, HOPE Art will stay closer to home and create art with kids in our own backyard at San Francisco’s City of Dreams program.  Their mission is to help youth living in San Francisco’s low-income housing communities build brighter futures through mentorship and youth development.  They are guided by a bold vision: To end the generational poverty cycle in the city’s most challenged neighborhoods.  Project HOPE Art is planning 3 projects to introduce City of Dreams students to our work and the kids we work with in Haiti.  Jenni Ward will be leading a photo collage project, Melissa Schilling will show them how to create moss graffiti and Elizabeth Marley will lead a life size architectural sculpture project. Stay tuned for pics of our creations!


Scraps to Satchels

Seamstress extraordinaire Cindy Heil made us a whopping 28 dresses for the girls of OJFA Orphanage as a part of our Homemade Dress Drive, which was an amazing contribution in itself, but she wasn’t done yet! Last week she surprised me when she dropped off 14 handmade bags made from all of the scraps of fabric from the dresses!  Thank you Cindy for sharing your skills with us and our girls in Haiti!!!

Handmade Bags

Homemade Bags

Homemade Bags

374 Dresses today!

We just wanted to take a moment to thank ALL of our amazing seamstresses from all over the world who have helped make this homemade dress drive an incredible success!

Mic Brindle Raleigh NC, Nancy Daly San Diego CA, Emily, Cassandra Deavers & The Crafting for Charity Group Madison WI, Andrea Wedewer Fremont CA,
Stephanie Needham Staten Island NY, Peterson Peterson & Assoc Richfield MN, Julie Finn Bloomington IN, Cheryl Wahl Las Vegas NV, Clare Early Wesley Chapel FL, Matthew Smart & The Hartford Stage Costume Shop Hartford CT, Ann Beckett Escondido CA, The Schultz Kansas City MO, Kris & Cindy Heil Watsonville CA, Betsy Jansma Monon IN, Janet Reed Ashland OR, The Little Dress Making Co Victoria Australia, Louee Newton Santa Rosa CA, Jeanne Po Boston MA, Troop 6634 La Mesa CA, Dewberries Cloth Products San Jose CA, Mary Donaruma Branford CT, Jan Harrison South Australia, Marion Gronlund Cary IN, Laurie Paolozzi & Pd 4 Advanced Fashion Class at West HS Torrence CA, Sari Harrison Queensland Australia, Amanda Wilson Corralitos CA, Suzanne Eder Bartlesville OK, Chris Pressburger Sun Valley NV, Beth Rozsa Harrisburg NC, Caitlin Thomas Luther OK, Liz Froemming San Jose CA, Debbie Mannning Santa Cruz CA, Jen Dambeck Skillsman NJ, Sophie Cohen Wallingford CT, Debbi Stock Connellsville PA, Isa Cattle Co San Angelos TX, Robyn Howell Queensland Australia, Melanie Watson Philadelphia PA, Kalle Thompson Erans GA, Elaina & Elle De Mattia Temecula CA, John & Natalie Gransky Natick MA, Kathy Garneau Bannockburn IL, Marla Ellis Spokane Valley WA, J Nye Salt Lake City UT, Abby & Dana Stein Irvine CA, Heather Davis & Troop 6385 El Cajon CA, Marilyn Smith New Kent VA, Tutu.com Charlotte NC, Melanie Mohson Waynesville MO, Whitney Otto Philadelphia PA, Colleen Munster IL, Beth Malonoski Norristown PA, Katherine Vause Arroyo Grande CA, Roza Pereska-Smith Point of Rock MD, TriniTwinz Ocean Beach CA, Karen LeVasseur San Antonio TX, Mrs Wilson’s Kinder Class at Harabee Elementary Bellingham WA, Gloria Rosenberg Oak Park MI, Janice Harris Long Beach CA, Carrie Cooley Barbour Toronto Canada, Port Angeles YMCA, Cathy Haight Port Angeles WA, Sarah Dunckle San Antonio TX, Teri Smith and Pascagoula HS Art Club Pascagoula MS, NYC Ballet Costume Dept New York NY, The Parnell’s Stillwater OK, Jordana McVey Santa Cruz CA & The Killian’s and Friends Albertville AL!


Kickstarter Campaign

We’ve launched our Kickstarter Campaign!

HOPE Art papered 18 portraits (roughly 4.5feet by 4feet) in various spots around PaP and Jacmel in August 2011. For the 2nd anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake in January 2012, we’d like to leave a trail of HOPE by papering the streets with portraits of girls ages 4-15 years old holding up signs explaining their hopes, ambitions and dreams.
Selfesteem_girls_-22Thank you for your support!

Life goes on….

20 months have passed since the earthquake and little has changed in Port-au-Prince.  Try to imagine living in a tent, on the street, for almost two years, through hurricane seasons and trying to raise your family there.  Struggling to find enough for them to eat, to wear, to have.  In a world where an empty soda bottle becomes a toy and filling pot holes with rocks for tips becomes self-employment, you would expect to find people to be scowled and grim.

On the contrary, it is actually one of my favorite things about walking the streets of Port-au-Prince; saying “Bonjour!” to anyone on the street will always be returned with a Bonjour!, a big toothy grin and a wave.  Women doing their laundry in a basin on the road, shy children in rags and car tinkering men will always, always smile and seem amused by the exchange with the blan (white person).

Haitians resilience and strength is admirable, they have adapted to their new lives as a means of survival and they are survivors.  I hope that what our project brings to Haitians is proof that there really is something to smile about; the joy of not just surviving but beginning to live again.  Value in not just food, water and medicine but also in preserving the art of a culture, the creative learning in a student and the whimsy of just being a kid!

Thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors for making this project possible!